Saturday, February 24, 2018

west texas 

a custom mobile for a new family in houston texas with mcdonald observatory moon and stars at the top, donald judd box, potted ocotillo, javelina, roadrunner, potted agave, shooting star and mountain lion
have you ever seen a javelina?

Sunday, January 21, 2018

on a planet ruled by women

yesterday, my daughter and i joined the stronghold of 350,000 at women’s march in downtown los angeles. what a thrill! and soooo much inspiration and hope in the air!!! i’ve added in some pics of the powerful she-ra women i made for women’s month : january  2018... but now I think i'll continue this series all year. a few are listed in my shop, a couple have already sold and i'm taking custom orders again now too. vive la resistance!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

netflix and art

i’ve been binge watching love series 2 on netflix and it’s not just because producer lesley arfin  had a baby and owns one of my leaping pony mobiles (photo1:) love is amazing and hilarious and very relatable as it’s filmed locally in my element. If you haven’t seen it, check it out = guaranteed love! lesley arfin is cool and her husband comedian  paul rust (pic 2 +3) stars in love.

my friend leanna is  watching netflix glitch series 2 and saw my potted succulents mobile hanging on the wall in episode 1! how cool! glitch is a wild australian zombie experience. another one to check when you need to veg out this winter.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

december show

in december, i took part in a 2 day artist pop-up show at exhibit a gallery on fairfax in hollywood. i truly admire this little group of artists, all in the same vein  (top photo) lorien stern , me, tuesday bassen and katie kimmel. (middle pic) me, lillian martinez /bfgf, katherine whitlock and ellen dusen /dusen dusen. after the show we all celebrated at an indian restaurant across the street. dave /dave's clubhouse seated next to my empty chair, kevin/ blue tick and daniel mckee in the baseball hats and daniel am is hidden in the back corner! in the white hat is katie's boyfriend, talented musician,will ogsdon, who played guitar and sang for us both days. we had a blast!

holiday at nk

a new design of limited edition holiday ornaments at nickey kehoe, my favorite shop! every year I make something different and this year it’s a leopard, stork and lion.

Friday, January 5, 2018

tokyo art show!!!

 november brought me to tokyo for an art show of mobiles at paddlers gallery in shibuya! there’s a picture of me and daisuke (owner of paddlers). it was a very quick 3 day show and the mobiles sold out almost all on the first day!

we brought the whole family to tokyo and on the last day of my show, lots of friends came for coffee. the mother w little girl is a dear friend who I had not seen since new york art school days... 20 years ago! here's some more pics of tokyo and its wild fun signage :
the manhole covers have beautiful cherry blossoms 
the gas pumps descend from above 

and there are mini beers! my husbands band, pearl schwartz (above) reunited and played some wild shows! 
our last night brought all our friends out for a crazy farewell party. it was a whirlwind week! if you didn’t make the shows, here’s some pearl schwartz: end of your love

Thursday, January 4, 2018

judi rosen new york

if you don’t know judi rosen then i’m going to tell you about this amazing artist/designer who’s a great friend. i met judi in the east village nyc in the 90s when i lived on 9th st.,her boutique clothing shop: 3 jills and a jack was downstairs. we used to hang out and do art shows together. judi has a new shop in brooklyn JRNY that when in new york is a must go. i have some special one-of-a-kind mobiles in there. judi’s always been ahead of everyone w style and designed the peach-bottom high waist jeans wayyy before anyone else! i unearthed some old photos taken by thee rock n roll photographer bob gruen in my east village apartment hanging out in the late 90s. (top photo) in my room which was literally a closet and my iguana named charlene. that’s a white judi rosen dragon embroidered t shirt dress hanging behind me! the (bottom pic) is judi in white slip dress and filmmaker rachael amodeo of independent film what about features deedee ramone and johnny thunders and more...go see if you haven’t! i used to silkscreen  t-shirt’s in my kitchen for bands like catpower for extra money while i was in art school and it looks like i’m wearing an xl reject!!here's a clip from rachael's movie